Toronto Gesneriad Society

We're not strangers, only friends you have not met!


The Toronto Gesneriad Society is an affiliate of the The Gesneriad Society, Inc. (Formerly AGGS) 

We publish a monthly newsletter except for July and August. 

Annual memberships are available at the following rates: Individual: $20.00; Family: $24.00 (Two persons, one mailing). 

Inquiries may be made to Gillian E. Smith, Membership Secretary at:

Members are also invited to join The Gesneriad Society, our parent society. The annual membership fee is $25.00 + $5.00 mailing cost (in U.S. funds) and this entitles you to receive The Gesneriad Society quarterly magazine, Gesneriads. Inquiries to Bob Clark, The Gesneriad Society Membership Secretary, 1122 East Pike St., PMB 637, Seattle, WA 98122-3916.  Payment must be a cheque or money order in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank, or you may pay by VISA or MasterCard.  Provide your card number, expiry date, signature. 

The Toronto Gesneriad Society also accepts The Gesneriad Society membership applications for Toronto Gesneriad Society members once a year in October and November.  Payment is to Toronto Gesneriad Society in Canadian funds at a rate which offers a saving to our members wishing to join The Gesneriad Society.

A membership Form is available as a PDF.

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Smithiantha 'Little One'

Smithiantha 'Little one'Temple Bells

Smithiantha flower
Smithiantha hybrid

Smithiantha 'Golden Leopard'

Smithiantha 'Golden Leopard'